Curb Your Hunger

Local delivery businesses make life easier

When you’re a student, things get busy. Maybe you’re stuck studying in your apartment and, while starving, find the prospect of going out into the world for food unbearable. Maybe you just want to “Netflix and chill” without leaving the couch.

If so, you can utilize HungryDucks as your take-out shortcut, or contact Cascadian Courier Collective to get almost anything delivered, so long as it isn’t more than 300 pounds and can fit on one of its freight bicycles.

HungryDucks partners with restaurants who do not have their own delivery service and fills that gap by allowing customers to order from the restaurant using, or with the HungryDucks app. Delivery times average 32 minutes from check out. HungryDucks provides service to everywhere within the Beltline highway and the western half of Springfield, says HungryDucks market owner Daren Rabie.

Rabie modeled HungryDucks after HungryBuffs, a business he worked at while a student at the University of Colorado.

Rabie, originally from Philadelphia, says he has been in Eugene for three years, and his original business model, which aimed to be like a for restaurants, “couldn’t get off the ground.” It was only in the last year and a half when he switched his model that the business “exploded.”

HungryDucks pegs its operating hours to UO’s academic calendar because students are the business’ “bread and butter,” Rabie says. One of the reasons HungryDucks is so popular with UO students, he says, is that it provides an alternative to dorm food.

Now that fall term has started, HungryDucks will accept orders 8 am to midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 8 am to 2:30 am Thursday through Saturday. Minimum orders are required with fees listed online at

Cascadian Courier Collective (CCC) is a general bicycle courier business that “specializes in food and grocery delivery,” says courier Lee Miller, who has worked at CCC since January. Miller adds that CCC “will deliver pretty much anything as long as it is reasonable.”

Ordering can be done via Fill out the form leaving as much detail as possible, and they will call you back to confirm the order. For complicated orders, speaking over the phone is best.

If you order food from a restaurant that partners with CCC, the order will have a $3 fee. Orders from non-partnered restaurants will set you back $5.

CCC delivers within the greater downtown Eugene area, and deliveries average 15 minutes, Miller says.

CCC will deliver groceries from The Kiva for $2. To do this, call The Kiva and then a CCC courier will deliver groceries to your doorstep.

Check the area map at to see if you’re in its area of coverage. Call 600-4634 for complicated orders or general questions.

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