The Future of the Internet

If you want to be great you have to get in front of as many people as possible and be confident yet vulnerable

The Internet
The Internet

Critically acclaimed soul and R&B act The Internet features Syd the Kyd (Sydney Bennet) and Matt Martia, alumni of controversial and groundbreaking hip-hop collective Odd Future.

The Internet’s 2015 release Ego Death is out now on Odd Future’s record label. The record frequently gets lumped in with an avant-garde or alternative soul scene alongside artists like Janelle Monáe. In fact, Monáe makes a guest appearance on Ego Death’s “Gabby.”

“I’m honored to be included in the movement,” Syd the Kyd tells EW via email. “There are some amazing musicians in that scene and movement.” She continues, “I’m grateful to be compared to them or even just mentioned alongside them.”

While The Internet’s sound brings to mind artists like Prince and the Fugees, Syd the Kyd’s childhood influences tend toward the innocently popular.

“I grew up on NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears,” Syd says, while also mentioning influences like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Floetry — artists who’ve left indelible marks on Ego Death’s sound.

Besides fronting The Internet, Syd the Kyd has built a career as a music producer. Many Odd Future tracks were recorded in her house.

“It’s very different,” Syd says of moving from the role of producer to performer. “You can hide behind your production and stay cooped up in the studio, never leave the house as a producer.”

“As a performer there’s nowhere to hide,” she continues, “and if you want to be great you have to get in front of as many people as possible and be confident yet vulnerable. It’s way less comfortable and very intimidating.”

The Internet performs with L.A.’s Nicky Davey and Eugene’s The Elena Leona Project 9 pm Thursday, Oct. 29, at WOW Hall; $17 adv., $20 door.

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