Bonkers for Burrito

Ask around the area of Eugene near the UO campus: “Where can I get a good burrito?” 

Odds are, the answer will be spoken in reverential tones of cult-like devotion: “Chachi’s.”

“You hear sometimes people walking by,” says Chachi’s co-owner and founder Adie Coy, “and they’re chatting with their friends and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh try this burrito — bulgogi!’ or, ‘They make the best breakfast burrito!’” 

It’s clear a joint is habit forming when the frequent buyer program is called a “repeat offender card.”

“It’s heartwarming to know it’s caught on like that,” Coy continues. 

Open since 2014, Chachi’s Burritos is located in a small kiosk adjacent to Taylor’s Bar & Grill on the corner of 13th and Kincaid, a prime location for campus-driven foot traffic.

So what makes Chachi’s so addictive? Coy says this time of year she sells out daily of the green chili mac ‘n’ cheese (elbow noodles, green chiles, mild jalapeno, roasted garlic and cheddar jack cheese). 

“Kind of that Northwest comfort food people look for,” Coy says, adding Chachi’s initial hit was the pulled pork burrito. She says the pork is slow-roasted for about eight hours. “It’s really super succulent,” Coy says. “That’s definitely what kind of hooked people.”

These days, Coy says, Chachi’s bulgogi burrito has taken the lead (Korean style marinated steak, cheese, rice, kimchi, Asian slaw, green onions, Sriracha sour cream, Chachi sauce). 

“Burritos are our favorite,” she says. “We wanted to do an Asian influence. We wanted to be vegan and vegetarian friendly as well.”

“I came from the East Coast,” Coy explains, “and coming to the West Coast, people go bonkers for burritos. We wanted something handheld and convenient. Students could grab something on the go. A quick, easy meal.”

Will all this success eventually lead to a larger space for Chachi’s? “We’ve definitely talked about expanding,” Coy admits. But before a traditional restaurant location, she says she foresees an actual food truck, “where we’re mobile and able to do events and fairs and what-not.”

Find Chachi’s at 13th and Kincaid near campus, or call (719) 332-0208. For more information and a full menu, search Chachi’s Burritos on Facebook or

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