A self-identified queer-core duo from upstate New York


PWR BTTM is a self-identified queer-core duo from upstate New York that now resides in Brooklyn.

Last year the band gained massive critical buzz with the release of its debut LP Ugly Cherries, a collection of punk and power-pop tunes subverting heteronormative guitar rock reminiscent of Weezer.

The track “Serving Goffman” draws comparisons among personal identity, dressing in drag and the costumes worn in corporate America — after all, aren’t we all just roleplaying?

“I held my breath in a suit and tie,” PWR BTTM sings — members Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce share vocal duty. “I want to put the whole world in drag,” the song continues, “but I’m starting to realize it’s already like that.”

Elsewhere on the record, on the sweet love song “I Wanna Boi,” PWR BTTM sings: “I wanna boy who’ll keep the bed warm while we’re watching TV … I wanna boy who isn’t anything like me.”

Ugly Cherries liberates thrashing, messy-yet-tuneful guitar work and the lovesick indie-rock anthem for the queer community and beyond.

PWR BTTM plays with Eugene’s The Critical Shakes and Vegetarian Cats 7 pm Saturday, Jan. 30, at The Boreal, 450 W. 3rd Ave.; $10. All ages.