Lane County Area Spray Schedule 2-4-16

• M Three Timber Company, 767-3785, plans to aerial and ground spray 66 acres near Muslin Creek with 2,4-D, atrazine, hexazinone, sulfometuron methyl, clopyralid and/or Induce. See ODF notification 2016-781-01311, call Brian Peterson at 953-2283 with questions. 

• Seneca Jones Timber Company LLC, 689-1011, plans to spray about 3.5 miles of roadsides near Fish Creek with 2,4-D acid, 2,4-D ester, 2,4-D amine, glyphosate, metsulfuron methyl, tryclopyr, aminopyralid, Brush & Basal Oil, Conquer, Crop Oil Concentrate, Forest Crop Oil, Hasten and/or MSO Concentrate. See ODF notification 2016-781-00195, call Robin Biesecker at 953-2283 with questions. 

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