Lane County Area Spray Schedule 2-25-16

• Seneca Jones Timber Company LLC, 689-1011, plans to hire JR Helicopters, (509) 452-3300, to aerially spray 56.9 acres near Douglas Creek with glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D, clopyralid, hexazinone and/or Crosshair. See ODF notification 2016-781-02102, call Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions.

• Weyerhaeuser Company, 746-2511, plans to aerially spray 47.8 acres south of Marcola with glyphosate, atrazine, furoxypyr, 2,4-D, triclopyr, clopyralid, hexazinone, sulfometuron methyl, Crosshair, Foam Buster, No Foam, Epoleon N-100 and/or Grounded. See ODF notification 2016-771-01666, call Brian Dally at 726-3588 with questions.

• Union Pacific Railroad, (503) 249-3079, plans to spray 12 feet on each side of its tracks through Eugene beginning Feb. 15 with Accord XRP, Activator 90, Oust XP and Perspective, weather and train movement permitting.