Brain Cream Pop

For touring bands, finding a reliable person to run the merch table, selling assorted paraphernalia, can be a challenge. But on one of Jaill’s passes through Eugene, the band found a creative solution. 

“We were bringing an elderly man-puppet on tour to help sell merch,” recalls Jaill bandleader Vincent Kircher. “We were putting taquitos in its mouth, glasses on his face and people posed with the doll. That sounds dumb and unfun, but it wasn’t.”

Together since 2002, Milwaukee’s indie guitar-pop band has spent time on Sub Pop and Burger record labels. Last year the band released Brain Cream, an installment in its impressive and underrated catalog of jangly, slightly psychedelic and melodic guitar-pop. Jaill blends Shins-like ’60s influences with upbeat punk-rock energy — Kircher’s nasally vocals occasionally bringing to mind Gordon Gano of the classic cult trio and fellow Milwaukeeans Violent Femmes.

This year, Kircher put out the cassette Wherever it Be under the name Jaill. The project diverts somewhat from the band’s usual formula. Kircher calls the cassette “very simple and fun.” 

He adds: “The mellowness, I think, comes from programming the drums rather than having a drummer. It sets a base of equilibrium and then you put it to bed by covering it up with percussions, pianos, guitars and whatever else is around.”

You can still expect Jaill’s usual guitar-based power pop on this latest tour stop. 

“We are doing this West Coast tour as a three-piece with guitar, bass and drums,” Kircher says, though he failed to mention who will run the merch table.

Jaill plays with Eugene’s Novacane and Dick Dagger 7 pm Monday, June 13, at The Boreal; $8. All-ages.