Summer Snow

Snow Tha Product is a pint-sized rapper who brings high-voltage ferocity to the hip-hop scene, drawing on her Mexican heritage with a twist of Cali-Texan influence. 

The self-made femme-c seamlessly creates rhymes that are on par with — if not better than — most mainstream artists of the same genre. Snow started sewing together rhythm and words at freestyle battles down in Texas, where she found her niche. 

The artist’s early 20s were spent building a name for herself and taking the underground hip-hop world by storm — er, blizzard. “I be reppin’ real women,” a lyric from her song “Cookie Cutter,” probably best sums up Snow’s musical style. Her rhymes discuss matters pertaining to working-class, non-white women, and she delivers her messages from a relatable ego, not a hyper-sexualized chick, a quality rarely seen in hip hop. 

Snow mixes in her roots and drops lines in Spanish or throws out references only a Latino/a would get. Now, since rapping is a traditionally African American-dominant genre (Google that shit if you haven’t yet — I’ve got a word limit, y’all), Snow says she finds herself in the middle of black-white pigeonholes while building her name in the scene. 

“There’s no room for brown people to be involved, when we have similar issues,” she says. 

Add in the fact of being a woman, and that’s a pretty daunting obstacle to success, but this is Snow Tha Product we’re talking about. She’s still climbing to the top — even collaborating with big names like Tech N9ne and Wiz Khalifa on the way — and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping any time soon. 

Snow Tha Product will be in Eugene with Wynne, Day Dreamer and RxN 9 pm Sunday, June 12, at the WOW Hall; $15 adv., $18 door.