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Mountain Rose Herbs provides herbs for many local businesses

In Eugene, we take comfort in having local stores and markets dedicated to wholesome organic food, from The Kiva and Sundance Natural Foods to Market of Choice. But where do they get their ingredients? For herbs, teas and spices, one top supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs has operated in Eugene since 2010. Along with boasting a total of 3,000 different products, it is rooted in the values of sustainability.

“Sustainability and sustainability initiatives are built into every facet of our organization, from the materials that we use to how we ship products, to even what we decide to offer,” says Shawn Donnille, vice president of Mountain Rose Herbs. “We will not offer any product that comes from conventional sources. It all has to be organic or cultivated without chemicals.”

To purchase Mountain Rose Herbs products, customers can make a phone call, place an order online or go to the company’s headquarters to pick up the purchase. Another option is to purchase Mountain Rose’s herbs, teas and spices at local stores and markets, such as Friendly Street Market, Sundance and Capella.

Among the thousands of ingredients sold by Mountain Rose Herbs are products ranging from Earl Grey tea to nettle leaf and matcha tea. The company’s content strategist, Erin McIntosh, has the unique job of experimenting with Mountain Rose Herbs’ ingredients and creating recipes, which then are posted on the company’s blog and published in Mountain Rose Herbs’ e-book.

A sampling of the recipes evoke summer, including a tea cocktail, a hibiscus highball, flower-infused ice cream, lavender brownies and gluten-free, vegan seed crackers.

Soon, Mountain Rose Herbs will open an apothecary called Mountain Rose Herbs Mercantile, located within the Farmers’ Union Marketplace at Fifth Avenue and Olive Street in downtown Eugene.

The company has yet to set a specific date for the opening, but Donnille shares that the apothecary will open this year between September and October.

Adorning the inside of the store, Donnille explains, will be “steampunk Victorian apothecary post-industrial” décor purchased from antique stores, including a long row of glass candy dispensaries filled with herbs. Donnille adds that while not all of the Mountain Rose Herbs ingredients will be sold at the apothecary, customers can place orders via kiosks at the store and pick up the order the following day.

To learn more about Mountain Rose Herbs, visit mountainroseherbs.com; its headquarters are at 4060 Stewart Road in Eugene.

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