Welcome to Eugene

Here's a guide of things to do in Eugene for visitors

If you’ve come for the Oregon Country Fair (July 8-10), the Oregon Bach Festival (June 23-July 10) or the 2016 U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials (July 1-10), welcome to the Eug. If you already live here, well, welcome to some bigger crowds around town than we might be used to and a reminder that we live in a pretty nice place.

In addition to our annual State of Suds beer issue, here’s a short guide to eats, walks around town and local arts and culture. If you are a visitor, come check out what we have to offer, and if you’re a Eugenean, then it’s time to check out one of those places you always say you will go to but never have.

Eugene: ArtsTown USA

Take a Break Outdoors

Eat Eugene