Enter Our Pet Photo Contest by July 22 for Fame and Glory!

Nominate your pet photos for our staff to vote on

Here at Eugene Weekly, we want you to send us pictures of your pets. Cute? Check. Ugly-cute? Check check. Just plain ugly? Yes, please.

Decide which of the following categories fits your pet picture best:

Best action shot

Most fluffy

Cutest couple

Email office@eugeneweekly.com with your picture attached, and say in the subject line what your pet’s name is and which category you’re submitting to. The higher the resolution, the better your picture will show up in print. We’re looking for file sizes 1 MB or larger, but if all you have is a flip phone camera picture, send it to us anyways. In order for your picture to qualify for the contest, please email it to us by July 22. There is no limit to how many pictures you can send.

After an extremely scientific judging period, we’ll publish the winning pictures in our July 28 Pets Issue. It’s a win-win proposition: We get to look at cute animal pictures and your beloved pet gets his or her face splashed on the pages of Eugene Weekly for all to see. Ah, prestige.