Mad, Decent & Evergreen

Expect from her a high-energy show with “enough future bass to send you into the next century"


It might be the way Makayla Meador carries her contagious energy or the fact she’s taking the local DJ scene by storm — whatever it is, something tells me to remember her name.

Meador, whose DJ alias is Evergreen, describes her sound as “future bass” and says she finds inspiration in the everyday eclectic sounds of water droplets, cans being cracked open or ping pong balls. She has been performing and producing electronica since the summer of 2015, and has already opened up for big names like The Floozies and worked alongside G-Eazy — pretty impressive, considering she doesn’t even have an EP out yet.

In May, Meador killed it at the Willamette Valley Music Festival, where she was the only female DJ in a line up of 17 performers. Electronic shows are notorious for dude overload (just Google any large festival line-up) and Meador says the imbalance forces her to constantly analyze her position as an upcoming female artist in the industry. Let’s face it, though, her music speaks above all else.

Meador is currently working on playing bigger, better shows and plans to release an EP by December. Meanwhile, she is evolving her sound and alias to create something original. Evergreen, Meador explains, is a persona who acts like a big sister and keeps the balance between work and play in her career.

“There’s a little bit of an inner dialogue there,” she says. “I just gave mine a name.”

Meador’s everyday personality brings the energy, while Evergreen brings the professionalism. Together, her personas create a fine-tuned show packed with surprise drops and hyped-up rhythms.

Catch Meador’s next performance at the Mad Decent Block Party: It’s her biggest show yet, and she couldn’t be more pumped. Expect from her a high-energy show with “enough future bass to send you into the next century,” she says.

Big names on the line up are Keys N Krates, Neo Fresco, Jai Wolf and more. “I’m literally shaking just thinking about it,” she laughs. “I’m opening up for some of my biggest idols.”

Mad Decent Block Party starts 4 pm Friday, Sept. 9, at the Cuthbert Amphitheater; $61, tickets at

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