Lane County Spray Schedule

Roseburg Resources (541-679-3311) is planning to hand spray 178.3 acres west of Territorial/south of Gillespie Corners. Herbicide mixture is aminopyralid, metsulfuron methyl, clopyralid, flumioxazin, glyphosate, hexazinone, imazapyr, indaziflam, sulfometuron methyl and triclopyr with amine and ester. Chemical carriers are Forest Crop Oil, W.E.B. Oil, petroleum oil, emulsifier and water. Chemical additives brush and basal oil, Conquer, crop oil concentrate, forest crop oil, MSO Concentrate and Super Spread MSO. Start date Sept. 20. Local Roseburg forester is Dave Cramsey (541-935-2507).  

Giustina Resources LLC  (541-485-1500) has hired Keith Lawson of Strata Forestry in Springfield (541-726-0845) to hand spot spray 48.7 acres just south of middle fork of Willamette River near Jasper-Lowell Bridge and within 300 feet of a bald eagle nesting site. Herbicides are glyphosate, aminopyralid, metsulfuron methyl, imazapyr and sulfometuron methyl. Additives are Dyne-Amic and MSO Concentrate. Start date Sept. 19 and end date is Oct. 31. East Lane ODF forester is Tim Meehan (541-726-3588).

Information courtesy Forestland Dwellers