Barno’s Backyard Ballroom Presents

Many of us played in bands as teenagers. Far fewer collaborated with The Dead Milkmen, got noticed by Dr. Demento or opened for Tommy Stinson of The Replacements. 

ShiSho, a folk-punk-comedy duo comprised of teenaged sisters Viviane and Midge Ramone, recently relocated to Eugene from Akron, Ohio. The pair has accomplished all those monumental things while still living at home with their parents.

Viviane Ramone tells EW she realizes folk-punk-comedy is an unusual descriptor. “We were raised on punk music. We love punk music,” she explains. “We play acoustic guitar and accordion. There’s not a lot of technical finesse.”

 “We really try to capture the spirit of punk within the constraints of our acoustic or folky instruments,” Viviane continues. “A lot of our songs tell stories. We try to keep our songs lighthearted ­— a carefree attitude.”

The siblings are settling into Eugene nicely. “Eugene is super cool!” Ramone says. “The Boreal especially has that DIY feel.” 

ShiSho’s Oct. 21 show is the pair’s first performance in town, and the inaugural event at a new house venue called Barno’s Backyard Ballroom. 

On top of all that, ShiSho is opening for legendary punk guitarist Tommy Stinson of The Replacements who, along with Chip “Slippy Fly” Roberts, will perform an all-acoustic set as Cowboys in the Campfire.  

ShiSho is excited to debut in Eugene alongside a bona-fide punk-rock legend. “Tommy is such an amazing songwriter!” Ramone says.

ShiSho opens for Tommy Stinson’s Cowboys in the Campfire “Southern Dandies Tour” 7 pm Friday, Oct. 21, at Barno’s Backyard Ballroom, 3230 Fillmore Street; $20, tickets available at All ages.

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