Hot Shit

Cherub (an electro-indie band, not a naked angel baby) made me a little weary at first listen. It’s a group of dudes that seem like unruly, rich suburban kids — but don’t judge a bro by his neon tee. Cherub provides a breath of funky fresh air if you’re in the mood to dance away a night of electro-pop debauchery.  

Front-men Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber (both guitar, vocals) started Cherub in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, in the mid-2000s. They’re a pair of humble goofballs who like music, chicks and blow. Their “party on and live free” attitude has landed them a viral music video (“Doses and Mimosas”) and the release of their third album (Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence) with Columbia Records.

Cherub’s fluidity in the electronica genre sets them apart from other bros who mix tracks and flaunt sacred geometry hats. Nick Curtis (master mixer, drums) strings together ’90s influences with modern beats to create a mash of past and present. Jordan Bartlett (keys) plays some heavy chords that put the icing on Cherub’s multi-layered melodies.

 “I would say Cherub is a good meal,” Kelley says. “Some of the flavors are really strong, but you’re probably gonna like it.”

“[We play] whatever makes you shit the hottest,” Huber adds.

Hot shits aside, Huber and Kelley emphasize that Cherub is like a family and everyone (producers, fans and crew) has equally worked their asses off to make the band a success, for which they are eternally grateful.

Come get rowdy with Cherub, Frenship and Boo Seeka 8 pm Thursday, Nov. 3, at McDonald Theatre; $23 adv., $25 door.