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Love Trumps Hate

As much as I would like to hold a sign saying “Not my president” as I’ve seen others do, I’ve been forced to recognize, kicking and screaming, that he is in fact my president-elect, despite my vote against him and my unceasing desire to smack the phone he’s using to tweet from out of his tiny little hands.

But enough with the anger, or at least I need to channel it a little. I would happily hold the “Love Trumps Hate” sign at any gathering.

This year, to help battle the hate, we are using our annual Give Guide to highlight nonprofits and groups that are pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-minority, pro-LGBTQ, pro-environment, anti-bigotry and anti-hate.

Donate to positive ways to fight the Trump agenda. Some groups could use your tax-deductible donations, others need warm clothes or able bodies.

As always, we can’t fit every amazing Lane County group into our paper. Did we miss a worthwhile group? Send a note to and we will put your suggestion in the paper.

Dig deep, and give these people some love. — Camilla Mortensen

Spite Trump, Save the Earth

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