Pantsuit Pursuit!

On the heels of the presidential inauguration, an event is coming that will allow community members to show solidarity and share their support for those who may be most affected by this transition of power.

The Pantsuit Pursuit 5K will raise money for local organizations that support women, people of color, immigrants, the environment and other marginalized communities in Oregon. It is being organized by third-year University of Oregon student Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy, who studied political science as one of her majors and has volunteered with the Democratic Party of Lane County.

“Hillary Clinton, for me, has been a lifelong inspiration,” DeLoretto-Chudy says. “The fact that a woman could get so far, be the most qualified candidate in history and still not be able to take that final punch through the glass ceiling was very disappointing.”

In response to Clinton’s loss, DeLoretto-Chudy says she wanted to do something that would get the community involved and make a bigger impact. “For me, just giving money wasn’t enough, but organizing people to come together and donate a lot of money felt a lot better.”

“Running in pantsuits makes it more fun,” she adds.

DeLoretto-Chudy says she wants to give people choices for which community they want to support, so there is a list to choose from when they register with options like women’s organizations, refugees or environmental groups. Plus, she says she has narrowed all the organizations to those located in Oregon so that people can feel like they’re making a local impact.

The event is open to the community and DeLoretto-Chudy says 100 percent of the registration fees are being donated to organizations chosen by individual participants.

The race is schedule for the day after the inauguration, Jan. 21, and is planned to begin at 11 am. The course is also being finalized, but DeLoretto-Chudy says it is being organized on the UO campus since students naturally congregated in the EMU when Trump was elected.

She is still looking for volunteers, donations for prizes and sponsors to help offset the costs of the event. “If we do raise enough money to cover the cost,” DeLoretto-Chudy says. “I’m going to have any extra money go to the organization that was selected the least for donations.”

More information can be found on the Facebook event site called Pantsuit Pursuit 5K. You can also register for the event at or donate to help with event costs at 

Any other donations or sponsorships offers can be made by emailing