Springfield Students go to Nepal

Students will hike the first stages of the Everest Trek and visit the U.S. Embassy

A3 students headed to Nepal include: Ethan Varner, Satysha Whitworth, Zia Lasky, Katie Hibbard, Morning Glory Ritchie, Maia Mendelssohn and Mason Wingert. Not present Jesus Hewitt. Photo Courtesey Ed Mendelssohn.

Students from the Academy of Arts and Academics (A3), a public high school in Springfield, will head to Nepal in October to volunteer, hike the first stages of the Everest Trek and visit the U.S. Embassy. Mike Fisher, the school’s director and a former volunteer with the Peace Corps, and Ed Mendelssohn, the school’s managing director, say they started planning the trip last winter after a visit to the Tacoma School of the Arts.  Continue reading 

Local Delegates Prepare for Democratic National Convention

Delegates from Lane County are preparing to head to the Democratic National Convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia, where the party will officially nominate its presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2016 election. It is also where the Democratic Party adopts its official platform. According to the Democratic Party of Oregon’s website, “Senator Sanders has earned 36 of Oregon’s 61 elected delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Sec. Clinton has earned 25 delegates.” Continue reading