Rapper’s Delight

Eugene is known for a lot of things — its local rap scene is not one of them. Those looking for live lyricism around town usually have to shell out a Jackson at WOW Hall which, granted, attracts an incredible roster of touring rappers year-round. 

On Jan. 7, Sam Bond’s Garage will host an entire night of hip hop, featuring only rappers — six of them, all local — for three bucks. So, if you’re hankering to hear some bars, this will be a good introduction to Eugene’s hip-hop community.

It’s a motley crew: Elena Leona raps and sings, backed by a band; RxN performs in the vein of moody emcees like Hopsin and Tech N9ne; Rollen Poole leads the underground-leaning FreeOnes collective; Day Dreamer’s work is slow and trappy, slathered in Auto-Tune; Guilt By Association seems to take cues from the most extreme, aggro variants of Southern rap; and the mysterious Xyro does not seem to have any releases to its name.

Don’t let the wild stylstic buffet scare you away. Those expecting microphone mathematics may not necessarily vibe with Day Dreamer’s hooky miasmas, while those who want to pump fists and jump around might find it difficult to do so with Leona’s flighty funk.

It’s safe to say, however, that there’s something for everyone. Eugene is no Atlanta as far as its rap community goes, but none of these rappers are slouches.

A Night of Hip Hop kicks off at 9:30 pm Saturday, Jan. 7, at Sam Bond’s Garage; $3, 21-plus.