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Authentic Mexican Food at Dos Banderas

The aroma of smoky mesquite lures your nostrils around the corner of West Broadway onto Olive Street, to Dos Banderas, the little food truck that could — and does — deliver the most authentic-recipe tacos, giant burritos, quesadillas and more for those craving that rarest of things in Eugene: Mexican food that is truly outstanding.

Tucked into an alley between The Davis and Luckey’s Club, this family-run food truck attracts not only locals and students, but even out-of-towners who’ve been tipped off to tasting the freshly made, lime-juice-infused guacamole, the to-die-for mozzarella-and-jack-cheese quesadillas (that can also be had with mesquite-grilled chicken or steak) or the enormous taco salad loaded with pinto beans, cheese, veggies, smoked meat if you choose, tomatoes, avocado, romaine lettuce and a base of fresh-tasting tortilla chips.

Other choices include Mexican and American breakfast offerings, like breakfast burritos, or bacon and eggs with hash browns. Also, since Dos Banderas is open until 3 am on Thursday through Saturday nights, the place has become a favorite for late-night denizens leaving the bar scene hungry for something delicious.

Six years ago, José Ojeda says he decided to turn his passion for good food learned in his mother’s kitchen in Zacatecas, Mexico, into a business of his own. Over the years, he’d worked as a cook in chain-restaurant kitchens, where he honed his chops but never got to make his kind of food.

“I hadn’t seen restaurants in Eugene that made authentic Mexican food,” Ojeda says. “There was nothing that was really good.”

So Ojeda bought a food truck, and with the help of his wife and adult children, embarked on his dream of crafting food his way.

As word got around, his business began to thrive:

“Business is good,” Ojeda says. “Every year has been different. Bars and businesses have opened up around the areas that have brought people in. And every year when school starts, students keep finding us, too.”

Minerva Ojeda. Photos by Todd Cooper.

Wife Minerva Ojeda, daughter Daisy and son José Jr., along with Daisy’s boyfriend, Andres Lara, work long hours feeding, what are sometimes hordes of hungry people at lunchtime and late at night.

Every dish is made from scratch.

“We try our best to be authentic,” Ojeda says. “We just wanted to bring that authentic Mexican style of cooking to Eugene.”

Dos Banderas is open 10:30 am – 6 pm Monday – Wednesday, and 10:30 am – 3 am, Friday and Saturday, at 94 W. Broadway, in Eugene. 

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