Boogarinsby Trask Bedortha

Boogarins Boogaloo

Brazilian rock band Boogarins play Eugene

Every band dreams of touring the world, but even when given the opportunity, the question remains for the artists: “What if, on the other side of the planet, nobody shows up to our show?”

Brazilian rock band Boogarins, touring in support of their 2015 release Manual, say regardless of crowd turnout, they’re just grateful for the chance to travel and play music to a live audience.

“It’s the best feeling,” Boogarins guitarist Benke Ferraz responds via email. “We would never get the chance to see the U.S.A., Mexico, Canada or Europe if it wasn’t for our music and because of the people who support it. We feel very thankful for this.”

Critics frequently call Boogarins psych rock, and the description is apt. Boogarins sing in Portuguese, the guitars alternate between jingle-jangly and spacey, and the song structures are loose and somewhat free-associative. Ferraz says pop hooks and elements of free jazz are also central to his band’s sound.

This time through Eugene, Boogarins play Whiteaker DIY all-ages venue The Boreal. Ferraz says he’s happy that places like The Boreal exist.

“We’ve played in a few places like this touring the U.S.,” he explains. “It’s amazing how supporting rock music and the underground artist scene is part of the culture of live music there.”

“Of course you can say it’s just a small group of people that care,” Ferraz adds. “But it’s enough to make a whole industry work.”

Boogarins play with Eugene’s Spiller and Mick Dagger side-project Sandy Ego at 7 pm Friday, Feb. 3, at The Boreal. $5, all-ages.