Life’s a Beach

Alt-pop band TV Girl brings summer vibes to The Boreal

TV Girl is a musical collage of West Coast pop sounds. From upbeat melodies to laid back beachy beats, this band could be a soundtrack to any hipster’s summer road trip — just don’t forget your vintage shades and wanderlust.

The band started jamming together down in Southern California in the early 2010s. Since then, they’ve held multiple tours up and down the West Coast, and have released two full-length albums and several singles. Who Really Cares, released in 2016, is their latest album that generally captures the essence of ending bad relationships but not exactly giving a damn. 

TV Girl’s sound has progressed from garage band tracks to sampling masterpieces over the short period of time the band has been official. Brad Petering (keys, vocals) brings in laid-back melodies akin to the indie-pop band Beach House, while Jason Wyman (mix master) fuses in samples to each track from a wide selection of  ’60s tunes and random, pop-eclectic instrumentals.

Currently back on tour, the dudes are making their way around the West Coast yet again. According to their various social media platforms, there may be mannequins involved this time around.

Catch the summery beach-pop tunes of TV Girl along with alt-pop singer songwriter Poppet at 6:30 pm Monday, Feb. 6, at The Boreal. Tickets $10; all ages.