And, Once More, the And And And Band

After a decade in Portland, Berg Radin, guitarist with indie pop group And And And, has returned to the Eugene/Springfield area, in order to be closer to family and raise a kid.

Since his return, Radin has also launched a new project, fronting the spacey, lo-fi Surfsdrugs. The band also features members of popular local acts Le Rev and VCR. Radin says both bands have recording projects slated for release in 2017, and that he can’t remember a time when Eugene’s indie music scene has been more vital. 

“Since I’ve been living here it’s been really active,” Radin says, “responsive to new music and very supportive. It’s doing really well. Speaking with a lot of musicians around town. They’re wanting to branch out to Portland and Seattle. But at the same time a lot of Portland and Seattle bands are reaching out to the Eugene scene, trying to break here.” 

And to help bridge that divide, Radin invited his Portland band, as well as Seattle musician Scott Yoder (formerly of Pharmacy) and Surfsdrugs on a three-date mini-tour of the Northwest, stopping in Eugene Feb. 9 at Luckey’s. “I’ve been trying to set up shows in Portland for some Eugene bands, and vice-versa,” Radin explains. “Trying to get some actual dialogue.”

Eugene “needs to put itself on the map,” he continues, “and recognize that it has something special here.”

And And And, Surfsdrugs and Scott Yoder play 9 pm Thursday, Feb. 9, at Luckey’s Club; $7, 21-plus.