Riff Raff

Questionably Satirical Hip Hop Artist Riff Raff Comes To Cozmic

Riff raff (/rifraf/): disreputable or undesirable people…

Riff Raff, the hip hop artist, takes his craft to the truest lengths of that definition. If you haven’t checked out his stash of both satirical (I think?) and serious music videos, you’re missing out on comedic gold. But who is this guy? Mix together some blatant appropriation of black hip-hop culture with a white trash millionaire aesthetic, and you’ve got Riff Raff.

Horst Simco (aka Riff Raff) kicked off his career in 2009 down in Houston. Since then, he’s dropped dozens of mix tapes and singles, along with two full-length albums. At first listen, you may question if this guy is serious. Considering he’s collaborated with big names like Soulja Boy, G-Eazy and Diplo’s Mad Decent crew, the answer is a big, nasty “hell yeah!”

“Only fuck hoes who rock dolsee (Dolce) and gabahn (Gabbana),” he incorrectly pronounces as he slings a slender blonde in stilettoes over his shoulder. This is one scene from the hot mess that is his 2013 music video “Dolce and Gabbana.” Simco’s attire typically consists of white boy cornrows, obscene grills and a pair of Jordans. Don’t worry, I can’t look away either — maybe that’s the trick to his outlandish fame.

There is a surprising amount of professionalism to Simco’s career. His mixes are on par with some of the best in the industry, and his music videos (no matter how ridiculous) showcase top-notch videography. And if you’re not into the rampant sexism in his lyrics, have no fear: He just released a song about ice cream (see “Stephen Curry McFlurry”).

Catch the curious act that is Riff Raff 7 pm Wednesday, Feb. 22, at Whirled Pies at Cozmic; tickets $20.

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