Sky High

Popular and internationally known Eugene post-rock sextet This Patch of Sky will premiere new music April 21 at Hi-Fi Music Hall. TPOS lead-guitarist and bandleader Kit Day tells EW: “We’ll be playing three or four songs from our new album,” featuring horns and guest vocalists.

Day says his band’s next release is slated for September on a mid-major record label.

Post-rock — an instrumental genre popularized by bands like Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros and Mogwai — is known for transposing traditional rock instrumentation like drum kits and electric guitars onto emotive song arrangements and structures more akin to chamber music than rock ’n’ roll. TPOS has built a large following within the genre and, Day says, fans frequently travel great distances to see his band play live.

Appearing with TPOS on the Hi-Fi bill is a full slate of Eugene-based instrumental acts: Childspeak, Spectrum Lake and Gazelle(s).

The instrumental rock genre, Day says, is “picking up,” and all the bands on the bill are sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing Company. Day says a Ninkasi sponsorship gives bands access to the brewery’s recording studio as well as inclusion in the brewery’s overall marketing. Gazelle(s) recently finished recording with Ninkasi down in California.

TPOS doesn’t play locally very often, but when they do, they want to make it special. Day says the April 21 show will be recorded for possible release as a live album and will also be the premiere local performance with the band’s new drummer, T.J. Martin Lokey, who pulls double duty elsewhere on the bill drumming with Childspeak.

This Patch of Sky performs with Childspeak, Spectrum Lake and Gazelle(s) 8 pm Friday, April 21, at Hi-Fi Music Hall; $10 advance, $12 door, all-ages.

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