Lane County Area Spray Schedule

Finn Creek

Giustina Resources, LLC, 541-485-1500, plans to hire Strata Forestry, 541-726-0845, to spray 28.1 acres northwest of Vida near Finn Creek with triclopyr with acid and MSO Concentrate. See ODF notification 2017-771-05791, call Brian Dally at 541-726-3588 with questions.

Transition Management, 541-521-5897, plans to spray its roadsides throughout Lane County with clopyralid, glyphosate, imazapyr, metsulfuron methyl, triclopyr with ester, triclopyr with amine and/or Crosshair. See ODF notification 2017-781-06274, call Robin Biesecker at 541-935-2283 with questions.