Farce Family

Sex-Positive Sock Hop

Eugene musician Katelynn Erb wants you to attend the event she’s helped plan, produce and promote. The event is The Joy of Sex: A Celebration of Positive Sexuality & Art, a mix of live music, dance and performance art happening at Hi-Fi Music Hall in downtown Eugene.

Erb wants you to come to the event, but she just can’t tell you much about it.

“We’re trying to keep what’s going on in the main hall sort of a mystery,” Erb teases. “I’m trying to figure out what to say without saying much.”

What she can tell us is the event is a fundraiser for MASV (Musicians Against Sexual Violence). MASV helps build awareness of sexual violence and safety among bar and venue staff as well as music audiences in Lane County and beyond. 

Erb says funds raised will go toward providing extra signage at local bars and venues. Signage, Erb says, explaining “if you feel uncomfortable please let the bar staff know.” As well as test strips, Erb adds, “so if people feel like they’re suspicious about their drinks, they can use a test strip.” 

Hi-Fi will be decorated in a ’50s sock-hop theme, Erb says, with live music from Eugene bands like Holler House and LeRev and many more, as well as dance performances from Pop Up Dance Boutique and an appearance from The Farce Family, Eugene’s premier queer performance collective.

So what exactly will be happening in Hi-Fi’s Music Hall? After all, not much is sexier than a little mystery. “We want to have an element of surprise,” Erb admits, adding:  “I can give you one word to describe it: scandalous.” 

The Joy of Sex: A Celebration of Positive Sexuality & Art is 9 pm Saturday, June 17, at Hi-Fi Music Hall; $10, 21-plus.