ChildspeakTom Chamberlain

Indie-Rock Micro-Fest

“Everyone I talk to, there’s something different in the air,” says Bri Childs, guitarist with Eugene/Portland instrumental act Childspeak. She’s talking about the energy in Eugene’s indie-rock scene. “Bands are really supporting each other,” she continues. “The music community is growing so fast.”

So Childs, along with Hi-Fi Music Hall, hatched Mini-Merica, what Childs calls a “mini-rock fest” happening July 4 at Hi-Fi. Childs describes Mini-Merica as “a showcase of a lot of the working Eugene bands” and “a celebration of the air that’s in our music community right now.”

The event features 10 bands, a dizzying array of local talent: from Thom Simon and Spiller to Critical Shakes and Muscle Beach Petting Zoo, plus a whole lot more. What’s apparent is that, despite Eugene’s reputation as a capital of hippie music, the town has a vibrant indie-rock and garage-punk scene. Childs says Mini-Merica was strategically planned so that between Hi-Fi’s lounge and main hall music will always be happening.

“There won’t be any silence,” Childs says, adding that “the idea is that you can catch at least some of every band’s set.” And part of the show’s cover will go to mix and produce an online video of the concert. “Someone will be able to find this video online,” Childs explains, “and it will have a song from each of the performing bands.”

Childspeak’s Mini-Merica is 8 pm Tuesday, July 4, at Hi-Fi Music Hall; $10 adv., $12 door, 21-plus.

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