Photo by Athena Delene in front of a Steven Lopez mural.

Code Red

Popular Eugene rock act Fortune’s Folly celebrates the release of its new EP, titled simply Red EP. And Fortune’s Folly vocalist Calysta Cheyenne tells EW the color red was used as inspiration for the music. “We chose songs that are powerful, fiery and energetic,” Cheyenne explains. 

Anyone familiar with Fortune’s Folly will find these adjectives appropriate for the band’s high-energy, ’90s-era alt-rock and guitar pop. And also like the best stuff from the ’90s, Fortune’s Folly has a big heart.

Cheyenne continues: “Lyrically, each tune illustrates an emotional conundrum and explores the complicated tension between accepting and resisting love.”

Cheyenne says the EP was recorded in Eugene at Track Town Records, and even though fans have likely heard the songs performed live, working in the studio took the material in unexpected directions. “We have found that recording songs we have been playing regularly and feel are as complete as possible gives us the confidence we need in order to lay down our best performances in the studio,” she says.

“We surprised ourselves with some of our song choices for this release and ended up recording two tunes that we never thought would have made the cut,” Cheyenne explains. “Listening to them develop from the stage to the EP has been a magical experience. Our music is always changing and growing from our jam room, to the stage, to the albums and then back to the stage once more.”

Fortune’s Folly play alongside Eugene’s Dubious 10 pm Friday, July 14, at Hi Fi Lounge; $5, 21-plus.

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