Hello Dollface

Witchy Blues

The experimental blues of Hello Dollface puts listeners under a spell. In true witch fashion, Ashley Edwards (front woman and creature of the night) is on a spiritual journey to bring women closer together with the power of song and energy.

“Sound travels very quickly; we understand sound. It’s a fundamental nature to understand light and sound and what it does to our body,” Edwards explains. 

She began performing in 2009 in Colorado, where she met current partner and bandmate Jesse Ogle. The two joined a local band that sought a blues singer and a bassist. 

“Trying to get serious about a project naturally weeds people out,” Edwards says. By 2013, she and Ogle found themselves as the last members standing, a turning point that ignited their thirst to create. 

Edwards picked up the synth, keys and guitar along the way, and she and Ogle have meshed together their roles, the lioness and the lamb, to create something fluid on stage and in the studio. “Each night, in different environments, we chameleon ourselves into the room,” Edwards says.

“If I’m performing at a wine bar on a Tuesday, I’m still coming with that same energy; I just won’t be throwing myself around. I’m going to tailor to the taste of the environment. I think that’s a quality of being a dynamic human: You’re yourself everywhere you go, but you’re going to dress the part.”

This approach makes Hello Dollface a cup of tea for everyone’s taste buds. Right now, Edwards emphasizes, people need a catharsis they can tune into. 

From blues to funk, ambient hip hop and a dash of Fiona Apple, the duo dabbles across genres to make a unique brew. Mysticism, the divine feminine and tarot are the band’s latest influences, which is something Edwards attributes to her growing connection with women while on tour.

Come explore melodic energy and sway to bluesy tunes with Hello Dollface along with The Heavy Pets 10 pm Thursday, Aug. 24, at Hi-Fi Music Hall; tickets $8 in advance, $12 at the door.

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