Rabbit Monster on the Loose

California-born DJ TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) is a sculptor of space who uses sound as her tool. Between trip-hop, lo-fi beats, classic sampling methods and uniquely mixed collaborations, Lee creates art — immersive, emotive and abstract.

Lee has a knack for fusing uncomfortable time signatures into streams of melody that unexpectedly blend better than your mother’s cookie dough. For seven years she has incorporated her past as a classical pianist with her lust to experiment amongst the newest sounds in the West Coast beat scene. 

Her hometown of Los Angeles is where Lee sprouted her technical and creative roots. As she independently mixed more samples, her drive landed the attention of local label Brainfeeder. She was signed onto the label and churned out her debut EP, Midnight Menu, in 2010. By 2016, Lee had laid down three full-length albums and countless singles, as well as founding her own music collective, Young Art Records. 

Lee has collaborated with artists all across the synth board, from R&B lush Kelly Rowland to contemporary electronic artists Yuna and Anderson .Paak. Lee adds a haunting yet controlled chaos of melody and rhythm to the tracks of every artist she works with. 

Behind her laptop and a vast array of mixboards — sometimes even donning a pair of bunny ears as homage to her alias, which translates into “rabbit” (Korean) and “monster” (uhm, English slang) — Lee throws in hollowed-out drops, racing beats and efflorescent melodies. She guides you from one emotion to the next throughout her playlists, and creates a space between songs that leaves you lingering in transition.

TOKiMONSTA’s “Lune Rouge World Tour” with KINGDOM, KINGJET and KAMI plays 9 pm Tuesday, Sept. 19, at WOW Hall; $18 advance, $20 door.