Letters to the Editor 2017-09-21


Rebuild? Do we understand this is a new world and we have to change where we can live? Do we understand that this is only a beginning of hurricanes and floods and fires, and rebuilding is a huge waste?

We are too late.

Ruth Duemler, Eugene


In response to the political truth jackass claiming to be targeted by Antifa (Letters, Sept. 14), let’s make a couple things clear:

You were hidden from the public’s eye until you and your fake-goth girlfriend started doxing (publicly releasing personal information) those you believed to be affiliated with left-wing ideals. You were the one putting people’s lives at risk based on Facebook likes and careless accusations. You were the one that chose to put yourself in the spotlight of antifascists.

Does that make you a Nazi? Not necessarily … but if you use their terminology and are complacent in doing their bidding, it sure puts you on the wrong side of history. Does that mean you are not welcome in Lane County? Absolutely!

It’s obvious by the way you start your letter claiming to be against bigotry, but spend the entire time hating on those who have different opinions, that you have no idea what the word bigotry means.

Stop playing the victim and take responsibility for your actions.

P.S. Communism will win!

Lola Bravo, Eugene


In reply to Jerry Ritter, Hillary Clinton lost because she was up against the most childish, despicable, dishonest campaign in modern history, and that is “What Happened.”

In reality, she didn’t lose, because more
Americans voted for her than for her rival, and only because of the flawed Electoral College system was the “deplorable, irredeemable” Trump declared the winner.

Spud Smith, Oakridge


After the imposing downtown buildings, condos, rentals, etc. were built right to the property line, so uninviting to the pedestrian traffic, I had hoped the community would see the error in this. If Eugene wants to increase foot-traffic downtown, or anywhere, there must be an attractive, inviting corridor.

But the trend continues, with big unforgiving walls right next to the surrounding walkways, encouraging hurried and directed traffic from A to B with no pleasant strolling. Now, on South Willamette, is the monumental eyesore that is McDonald’s. I don’t need to know anything other than that the visual impact of this building is abominable.

Please, can’t we consider the visual effect and sense of invitation when allowing building impacts on neighborhoods? Big, stark walls are not inviting. They look like prisons and tag-friendly expanses, not public spaces.

Using basic architectural principles, we can still utilize land value and encourage public perception to invite people into public spaces. Please, Planning Department, put the kibosh on these seriously unfriendly landscapes with buildings that can reflect an interest in connecting people, rather than repelling casual interaction.

Janna Abraham, Eugene


I was disturbed by a recent news story from NPR reporting that an outbreak of hepatitis A in San Diego has forced that city to begin washing its downtown streets with bleach. At least 16 people have died in this outbreak and more than 400 people are infected, most of them homeless.

The report says part of the issue is an apparent shortage of public restrooms in areas where the unhoused population congregates.

San Diego County issued a directive on Aug. 31 demanding the city wash its streets with bleach and expand public restroom access.

I am wondering if Lane County Health is aware of the problem in San Diego, and if staff is tracking the numbers of people with hepatitis A here.

As most people who use our local parks know, restrooms in many Eugene and Lane County parks are closed most of the time. So if limited bathroom accessibility for people without houses is one of the causes of the outbreak, our community leaders need to increase that accessibility now.

We should also offer hand-washing stations and vaccinations against hepatitis A.

Vickie Nelson, Eugene


I rarely find myself in agreement with Jerry Ritter, but his letter on Sept. 14 was spot on. Hillary Clinton did say that many of Trump’s supporters were “irredeemable” and “deplorable,” calling them “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.”

She wrote these people off because what these people believe in is antithetical to everything Democrats believe in. As Jerry identified, Hillary’s big mistake was underestimating the number “straight, white, working class voters in the heartland” who are apparently proud to identify as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes and Islamaphobes.

This election obviously served as a big wake-up call, especially for complacent liberals in white America. There is a renewed sense of purpose and solidarity in the face to the threat that Trump, Jerry and the deplorables represent.

We will do better next time.

Dave Cecil, Eugene