Dayglo Abortions

Politically Incorrect

These days, some people complain we’ve become too politically correct, or that we’ve become afraid to say what we really mean. Murray Acton, better known as The Cretin from classic Canadian hardcore punk act Dayglo Abortions, isn’t concerned about that sort of thing.

Formed in 1979 and known for a kind of punked-up, metal-style hardcore cacophony, the Dayglos are touring behind last year’s release Armageddon Survival Guide.

At one time, the band faced obscenity charges over imagery and song titles like “Sit On my Face and Bleed” and “Ben Gets Off.” And Armageddon, with songs like “Your Facebook Can Kiss My Assbook,” shows DGA hasn’t lost a step in this regard.

Acton says he considers it his duty as an artist to push these kinds of boundaries.

“I believe one of the most important functions of art forms like punk rock is to serve as an uncensored critic of society,” he tells me via email. “Punk is particularly good at that task, because it’s generally not designed for commercial radio play and therefore not intimidated by butt-sore corporate advertisers or special interest groups trying to impose moral guidelines for young people.”

But lately, Acton admits, he feels out-shocked by American politics. “Armageddon seems to be happening on a monthly basis these days,” he says. “It’s funny though, everyone’s complaining about Trump but in actuality, for punk bands, the guy is a goldmine. Even the shitty bands are getting good song ideas thanks to him.”

He continues: “As long as the world keeps supplying us with buffoons for our leaders, there will be no shortage of inspiration for new punk songs. Let’s just hope one of them doesn’t blow us all up.”

Dayglo Abortions perform along with Starving Wolves, Eugene’s Hippy Fight and I Want the Knife, featuring Kyra Van Winkle, formerly of popular Eugene punk band Bad Luck Blackouts, 10 pm Saturday, Oct. 7, at Luckey’s; $13 advance, $15 door, 21-plus.