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EW’s resident millennial goes on a quest for meals under $10

EW’s resident millennial goes on a quest for meals under $10

By Kelly Kenoyer

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a good and relatively cheap place to eat out for lunch. I’m a millennial — I’ll never afford to buy a house, so I may as well cry about it over some tasty organic avocado toast.

But because I’m usually broke, that toast better be under $10 — including tip.

One of my favorite lunch spots is Morelos Taqueria — that’s the little taco food cart nestled in the corner of Kesey Square downtown. It’s a convenient walk from my workplace, and the authentic cuisine is always fresh and delicious.

I recommend the tacos — they have vegetarian, fish and meat options, all for a couple bucks each. My preferred meal is a trio of meat tacos for $6. Don’t forget to add a Jarritos to your meal — there’s nothing like a refreshing fruit-flavored soda to go with authentic Mexican food.

If you’re not feeling Mexican, you could always go for Afghani or German food. You don’t even need to go to two separate carts if you’re craving a taste of both cuisines: Abdul-Waheed Wahed runs a food cart that’s the best of both worlds right next door to Morelos Taqueria.

You can get bolani and bratwurst on the same meal ticket at the Afghani Cuisine and German Sausage Food Cart. Prices range from $2 for snackable bolani to $7.50 for an extremely filling qabuli “pilaf.” I recommend the currywurst — sliced bratwurst slathered in curry. It’s a great plate to share with friends at $6.

Kesey Square also hosts two other carts, B-Heavenly and Wrap City, that provide tasty local bites as well. It’s the perfect location to enjoy nice weather and share a meal with folks who have different food preferences.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tip!

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