Heated response to antifa story

Eugene Weekly got a lot of heated response to last week’s cover story on antifa in Eugene. In the past, readers who disagreed with EW’s coverage have been known to sweep up copies and dispose of them. This time a man identifying himself as an “anti-antifa supremacist” claims to have, with the help of “patriots,” absconded with “thousands” of copies of that issue and burned them. He posted his doings on YouTube and sent us a copy. You can see it on our blog at We’re pretty sure he didn’t burn every single one, since he appeared to be barbequing EW on a small fire pit. That said, if you disagree with us, write us a letter. And if you want to read us, and someone’s taken all the copies, give us a call at 541-484-0519 and we will refill our little red boxes.

Creswell’s cannabis controversy has gotten messier in the push for Measure 20-280. The opposition to this measure even put out a fake voters’ pamphlet, a deceptive tactic. One Gro CEO Dan Isaacson says, “The goal is clearly to deceive people. They created a guide that has the same paper, font, size and look of an official one. The only conclusion that can be taken is that it’s meant to prey on vulnerable voters in the community.” We support community autonomy, but we don’t support deceptive tactics in elections. For more info on this move, check out EW’s blog post at

• It is impossible to imagine that the Ahn trio and Kim Jong-un come from the same divided country. The trio, three charming and talented South Korean sisters, played piano, violin and cello in Beall Hall as part of the ChamberMusic@Beall series on the University of Oregon campus Oct. 22. We all know that Kim Jong-un is threatening the world with his nuclear weapons in North Korea. Somehow, the Ahn sisters give us hope. Their program ended with Prince’s “Purple Rain” arranged for them by Kenji Bunch, composer of this year’s spectacular Snow Queen put on by Eugene Ballet.

What we’re reading: Hillary Clinton’s What Happened, Simon & Schuster, 469 pages. We were Bernie voters; never cared much for Hillary, but this is a fascinating read, especially for women. We wonder whether she understands yet what happened? Her perch is so lofty.

• Hooray! Kesey Square is officially Kesey Square! But we’re disappointed that the Eugene City Council, with the exception of Councilors Emily Semple and Betty Taylor, voted to suspend indefinitely the request to change the present commercial zoning of the square to public use. Why are our elected officials so reluctant to keep public space public?

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