Cannabis Company Eugene OG Being Confused with OG Analytical After Report Exposes OG Analytical Owner’s White Supremacist Views

The two marijuana companies are unrelated

Eugene Weekly is getting reports the local cannabis store Eugene OG has been been getting harassing phone calls, messages and Google reviews based on the assumption Eugene OG is linked to OG Analytical. One of OG Analytical’s owners, Bethany Sherman, has announced she is resigning and selling the company after a web report by several antifa groups, including Rose City Antifa and Eugene Antifa, exposed Sherman as having white supremacist views.

Eugene OG tells EW in a statement that “Eugene OG is in no way affiliated with or shares ownership with the testing lab ‘OG Analytical,’ despite the similarity of our names.”

A quick glance at Eugene OG’s Google listing shows the store has a growing number of people asking questions such as “Why does this business support Nazis”” And “Why does the owner hate people of color.”

Eugene OG has tried to clarify it is not affiliated with OG Analytical and questions then ask why the company is selling products tested by OG Analytical.

OG Analytical is one of only three labs listed on the Oregon Health Authority website that are based in Eugene. As of this time, it does not appear other cannabis businesses in the area are being queried online via Google reviews if they are affiliated with OG Analytical. According to The Oregonian, when the employees of OG Analytical found out about Sherman’s views they “angrily confronted her.”

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