Lane County Area Spray Information

Chemical sprays in Eugene and out to the coast

• Bauman Tree Farm, 541-746-8990, plans to manually spray Velpar L, Vista, Atrazine 4L, Oust XP, Alligare 90 (non-ionic surfactant) and/or AD-Wet 90 CA on 48.2 acres between Territorial Hwy, Briggs Hill Road and Lorane Highway. See ODF notification 2018-781-00228, call Brian Peterson at 541-935-2283 with questions.

• RDK Land and Timber, 541-896-3222, plans to hire Strata Forestry, 541-726-0845, to spray Garlon 3A on 43.0 acres between Knight Road and Poodle Creek Road, and Polaris AC Complete and/or triclopyr with amine on 81.6 acres near Cedar Creek. See ODF notifications 2018-781-00394 and 2018-781-00477, call Robin Biesecker at 541-935-2283 or Tim Meehan at 541-726-3588 with questions.

• Roseburg Resources, 541-679-3311, plans to spray atrazine, clopyralid, glyphosate, hexazinone, imazapyr, sulfometuron methyl, metsulfuron methyl, Esplanade F, Cleantraxx, Opensight, Payload, triclopyr with ester, 2,4-D with ester, Forest Crop Oil, W.E.B. Oil, No Foam, Activator 90, Brush & Basal Oil, Herbimax, MSO Concentrate, Mor-Act and/or Surface (non-ionic surfactant) on 144.8 acres near Glenad Road, north of Woahink Lake. See ODF notification 2018-781-00740, call Quincy Coons at 541-935-2283 with questions.

Compiled by Gary Hale, Forestland Dwellers: