I’m glad Ken Kesey Square is still there. I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would take it away. I feel the same about the green grassy geese fields along the Willamette, by the Frohnmayer Footbridge, which are slated for development by the University of Oregon. An article in Eugene Weekly’s Jan. 18 issue (“UO Planning to Expand Toward River”) admits controversy and a growing debate.

Why manicure everything? This peaceful riparian zone’s a food source and resting area for the wild geese, a place we can commune with them. I ride my bike the length of both sides of the river, and my favorite part is crossing the dirt path in the huge meadow surrounded by geese zooming in for a landing amongst their friends, honking joyful salutations.

This slice of heaven is now slated for synthetic turf fields lit by floodlights? No! A more park-like setting? More buildings? Please let it be!
I saw an osprey in the trees swoop down to catch a fish. A bridge of stones adjoining island-like peninsulas appears and disappears in the flood and flux. Tree frogs croak on high. The last red leaves of the season beckon. I get my feet wet poking through the brush.

A good witch knows there’s potent magic in the green earth along the river; I’m asking you to leave it be.

Erica Snowlake, Eugene

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