A Friend of Education

If you think education for all ages is important, Kevin Matthews for Lane County Commissioner is your candidate!

From early days as a kid’s craft teacher, to teaching at two universities, to serving on the board of a community education non-profit, to his current service on the budget committee at Lane Community College, Kevin’s track record shows he walks the talk on investing in learning together.

Our kids are our future, and they deserve the best we can give them. Without a solid education, the foundations of democracy are threatened.

With diverse life experience as a ranch hand, blacksmith, educator and entrepreneur, Kevin Matthews has the proven skills, knowledge and committed desire to do everything possible at the Lane County level to support 4J, Bethel, Lane ESD and all the rural school districts up and down the watersheds of East Lane County.

That’s why we enthusiastically support Kevin Matthews for County Commissioner!

Joann Carrabbio and Marco Elliott


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