Dreamers and Nightmares

There are serious flaws in Brian Palmer’s assumptions in his letter to the editor (“Don’t Blame Trump,” 2/15.)

Palmer says, “If Hugo Nicholas and another couple million DACA folks stay or leave, it probably won’t affect me one way or another. I likely won’t notice whatever financial impact it has on the country.”


You won’t notice fewer teachers and nurses? Fewer chefs and doctors? Fewer housekeepers and contractors? Fewer mechanics and programmers? Fewer EMTs and firefighters?

The “Dreamers” are not invisible. They are woven into the fabric of our daily lives and contributing to all facets of our communities.

Despite what right-wing extremists love to repeat, Dreamers aren’t the “bad hombres, rapists and terrorists” Trump loves to shine his racist spotlight on.

Don’t blame President Obama because the alt-right has found comrades in the White House whose dream is not for a better America but for a whiter one.

Michele Postal