Not funny, Bob

We should keep our sense of humor during this Reality Show Presidency, but Bob Keefer running for governor of Kansas is decidedly un-funny. It is careless, and echoes the ignorance of privilege that is at the core of this country’s political and social crisis.

The kids in Kansas are taking a political stand against a government that doesn’t represent them and using existing legislature to initiate change. It isn’t supportive to co-opt their statement, Bob, and use it as a personal joke. If those kids in Kansas are running in earnest? Well, Bob, you just made sure no one will take them seriously. Thanks for helping the cause, Bob, #sarcasm.

What’s more, candidacy filings are processed by government administrators and officers whose job it is to actually govern, and who are paid by local taxpayer money. Your joke, Bob, actually cost the state of Kansas and its citizens real resources, resources best used to process actual and concerned candidates with well-considered platforms and vested interests.

The less-than-subtle mocking of the high schoolers’ political efforts in Kansas, wrapped in the blatant mocking of Kansas legislation, is the kind of shaming that is trademark of Trump: Eugene Weekly, Bob Keefer — how did you get there from here?

How profoundly unimpressive, and unfunny.

Nick Chase


Editor’s Note: Kansas gubernatorial contender Bob Keefer, never one to burden taxpayers, happily paid a $20 processing fee to file his candidacy.

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