Swiss Sense

Some Americans say the Swiss right to bear arms is why their homes, schools and borders are safe. But they also have both free mental health care and responsible gun laws.

According to my Swiss relatives, only licensed military, police, security and hunters are allowed to own guns. That’s with months of training and penalties for improper handling or storage. You can’t just pass a 30-minute background check and walk out with a weapon and masses of ammo like in so much of the U.S. You can’t swagger around with a gun on your hip, worrying everyone whether you’re incompetent or crazy.

But you may discreetly transport guns between home, military base, target range or hunting. Otherwise, your rights are taken away.

That’s why the Swiss have half as many gun deaths. And they don’t have the school shootings, drills or lockdowns that traumatize, injure or kill children here.

You can help. Call Congress to demand better background checks and follow-through. Then share the Sandy Hook video “Evan” about shooter warning signs.

We owe it to our children.

Rachel Rich


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