'For Lease' sign in 2012 hints at coming trouble for The RG.

Who’s Going or Gone at The Register-Guard?

Today is the newspaper's first day under GateHouse ownership

Eugene Weekly has put together a list of who’s departing from The Register-Guard  following the sale of the locally owned newspaper to GateHouse Media. The sale closes March 1.

The biggest surprise, and one we didn’t see coming, is the departure of Jackman Wilson, long-time editorial page editor.

These names come from a variety of sources, all unofficial. Please let us know of any additions or subtractions for the list.

Retired, laid off or departing as of Feb. 28 or earlier:

  • Publisher Logan Molen
  • Managing Editor Dave Baker
  • Editorial Page Editor Jackman Wilson
  • Assistant Presentation Editor/Design Tom Penix
  • Team editor Theresa Novak
  • Copy editor Dan Buckwalter
  • Reporter Sherri Buri McDonald
  • Chief Information Officer Rick Baker
  • Advertising sales executive Timmy Baker
  • Advertising sales executive Kim Olsen
  • Business office Robert Woodbyrne

Laid off as of May 1:

  • Copy editor  Michelle Nelson
  • Copy editor Paul Johnson,
  • Copy editor  Dominic Baez
  • Copy editor  Eric Martin
  • Copy editor  Jon Ferguson
  • Copy editor  Jerry Fingal
  • Sports copy editor Phil Lueck
  • Sports copy editor  Ashley Conklin

Laid off as of July 1:

  • Dalie Sweeney in adbuilding/creative services.

So far, reporters and photographers have retained their jobs.

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