Where Are the Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout cookies are available for only about six to eight weeks out of the year (aka cookie season). The Girl Scout Council says this is because selling cookies “is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.”

We all know it’s actually because limited availability just makes us want them more, but since they went to the trouble of capitalizing “leadership experience” let’s just let them have their fun. Besides, USA Today says that “1 million Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes of cookies each cookie selling season, generating about $800 million.”

Lately we’ve been seeing plaintive social media posts from those of us who don’t have kids or who lack Girl Scouts in our direct vicinity. Damn it, I need a Thin Mint! Or better yet a Samoa!

Luckily, the Girl Scouts have your back.

Don’t worry: There’s an app for that. The little entrepreneurs in green sashes have an online cookie finder and an app for your smart phone.

If you go go to the Girl Scouts’ website, not only can you find a cookie FAQ, you can also type your zip code in here and find the nearest cookies.

Or for the truly cookie-dedicated you can download a cookie finding app for your smart phone, both iPhones and Androids.

And FYI, cookie season is only January through April.

Full disclosure: Camilla Mortensen was briefly a Girl Scout in the Midwest and sold cookies door-to-door. She wasn’t very good at cookie sales, but people bought them anyway.

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