Interesting idea to change the way we vote and save money in the process (“Changing the Ballot,” 3/1). There are many ways to improve the democratic processes in our country, but one of the most important is for people to actually vote. After voting, using our voices to guide what happens in Congress is also important.

Witness the power of those too young to vote speaking out after the shootings in Florida. Also, let those who represent you know when Congress does good things, like both parties working together to end the preventable deaths of millions of women and children in our world every year.

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act is cosponsored by 118 members of the House from both parties, including representatives DeFazio, Bonamici, Schrader and Blumenauer from Oregon. So far in the Senate, there are 20 cosponsors from both parties, including Senator Ron Wyden.

So, let’s say thanks to them and ask them to make sure this bill passes. The results would include more efficient government as well as lives saved.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.

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