I know Tim Laue. Tim Laue is a friend of mine. Tony Corcoran and the Hot Air Society’s snide comments in the guest column (2/22) prompt me to respond.

Tim is an East Lane County Commissioner candidate. Tim loves the people, rivers and forests of East Lane. It is because of this love, and his concern with the threats to the people and environment in our rural communities, that Tim is abandoning retirement to address issues like safety on the highways, potential threats to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, and protecting of our natural environment. He truly wants to help.

Tim is a smart man, but he would never claim to be one of the smartest humans around. Tony Corcoran would know that if he’d ever spent any time with Tim, which I doubt.

Mr. Corcoran also has trouble with facts. Not only does Tim have decades of “experience working on rural jobs, housing, poverty and rural crime,” he provided jobs in rural communities, built housing for poor people in rural communities and has worked to address crime in rural areas for many years.

I support Tim Laue, and if Mr. Corcoran finds it hard to do so, that’s his right. I’d only ask he get his facts right and keep his “hot air” to himself.

Be nice, like me, and support Tim Laue to be East Lane County Commissioner.

Rosie Nice