Fifty-seven percent of Oregonians said they “would prefer to pay a little bit more to ensure that more of my electricity is coming from clean, renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectricity” (Anna Fahey, “Oregonians want solutions on Climate,” Sightline Institute). A majority of Eugene residents likely prefer this, too.

EWEB’s 2017 Strategic Plan indicates that fostering consumer confidence and resilient delivery of services are important. EWEB purchases 7.5 percent of our energy from the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant at Hanford, Washington. Purchase of electricity from this 35-year-old, non-renewable power plant should be consistent with EWEB’s goals and customers’ preferences.

If the choice of 100 percent renewable power meant paying more for electricity or doing more to conserve energy, within reasonable limits, would most Eugenians embrace this change?

Karen Austin