More than 100,000 acres of southern Oregon public land was protected by the Agricultural Secretary from strip mining by Red Flat Nickel Corporation, a Panamanian subsidiary of a British investment firm. Oregonians “faced the prospect of a foreign company destroying an area of economic and environmental importance, pocketing profits and moving on.”

How is this any different than the current permit filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by Pembina, a Canadian Company, wanting to build a proposed 230-mile, 36-inch fracked-gas pipeline across southern Oregon from Malin to the Jordan Cove fracked gas export terminal in Coos Bay?

Nearly 400 streams and rivers will be threatened, along with traditional tribal territories, cultural resources and burial grounds; 600 private landowners will be threatened by eminent domain; the project would put 16,000 people in a hazardous burn zone and an export terminal in a seismic tsunami zone.

The export terminal project and increased fracked gas would become the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the state with 36.8 million metric tons. Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley has come out against this project. Who will be the other climate heroes to help stop this project?

Jim Neu


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