County races do affect us. Land use issues, garbage dumps, pay equity for workers, healthy environments for us all … not toxic aerial sprays! It’s time to vote for Lane County commissioners who work for us, not just their friends.

East Lane County’s Gary Williams won’t even speak with constituents.

There’s a pack of people running, but James Barber is the standout. He’s an honest businessman who’s not afraid to stand up and fight for important local issues that matter. I’ve seen him at county, city and other public meetings for the last two years. He’s smart, a good family man, thoughtful, progressive and respectful to everyone he encounters.

The obvious choice to replace Springfield’s Commissioner Sid Leiken is lone challenger Joe Berney. Joe has a long history of business acumen; connecting well with people; economic innovation; jobs creation; mentoring youth; and promoting clean energy and conservation. Ten years of “service” is enough, Sid.

In West Lane, the only people who connect with Bozievich and the three others are timber and developer “friends,” and they get everything they want. Lone challenger Nora Kent, environmental activist and educator, would inject some much needed feminine energy and smarts into that mix of do-nothings.

Robin Bloomgarden


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