Re: Daniel Henry’s letter “Radio Radio” (3/9): Those of us who are loyal to your station (KLCC) keep track of what is going on there because, after all, it is the people’s radio (just try to survive without the money you receive from us at pledge time).

We notice every little nuance, including when you try to pass off Muzak in the middle of the night as programming. It is an insult to our ears and we know we aren’t on an elevator.

It is obvious to me lately that current management at the station has its own agenda and, really, they might want to actually talk to the volunteers and listeners to find out what we really want to hear.

Management might want to wake up and smell the coffee. There is great talent in this town. It should not be that difficult to find people with great music collections and a few hours to volunteer to share their music.

Please stop the Muzak, and please lighten up a little on the news programing that seems to be taking over.

L.L. Stoner


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